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Um, so I know I haven't posted in 24908230498324 years, but I love love love Cassidy sooooo much that I started writing this a couple months ago. I'm not sure that this is internally consistent, given that I kept learning more about Cassidy as I was writing, and I'm not sure I would even start this story now given what I know about him, but I figured I would post it anyway.

There are many terrible things about this snippet, including a surplus of plot that doesn't really deliver and a lack of sex. I am so sorry. I hope to someday write a fic that does Cassidy justice. :)

Summary: Brad was at the bottom of his list of people to call.

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So October's over and I mostly met my goal of posting every day. However, I still have a lot of snippets about Julian and Jensen and Jared and Chris and Mike and Tom haunting me, so I'll try to keep posting. Today we have a porny bit, surprise surprise. :D

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A Chris POV bit. With some plot, even!

ETA: [ profile] wrenlet has finally posted the pieces she's written in this same universe. To read a hot fic about Jared and Jensen, go HERE.

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The AU )
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This scene is so not going the way I want it to. However, I am tired, so I must post and go to bed. Someday if I learn how to write again, perhaps I will revise.

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October 23 - The AU (CW RPS 13/?) )
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I missed two days! I'm so bad. I had company visiting and I actually had to write this piece, not just dig it out of an old email convo and post it. I'm sure you all appreciate how hard my life is.

I want to continue this scene tomorrow, so bug me if I don't.

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October 22 - The AU (CW RPS 12/?) )
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Back to the HS AU! Skipping around in time as always.

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October 19 - The AU (CW RPS 11/?) )
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I read popslash for a very long time but never posted any. I wrote this one back during that time period, and I didn't worry much about characterization or factual accuracy, I just wanted it to fit all of my kinks at the moment. :) In that respect it was just like my CW RPS HS AU, except shorter.

October 16 - Like a Virgin (Popslash 1/1 NC-17) )
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Well, as I've said, I've been posting bits of fic this month that I've been writing over the last few months but have never finshed or posted or anything. In my giant CW RPS AU I still have a lot of pre-written bits, but most of the ones I have yet to post won't make much sense without more of the plot, so now I am actually forced to write things as I go. Clearly life is hard, haha. :D I'm glad this is at least motivating me to do it, though.

Anyway, I'm explaining this basically as an apology for the quality of some of these plot-filler bits. They're more summary than story, sometimes, and in an ideal world I'd do more with them, but I'm happy that I at least can share the ideas.

Tonight's snippet goes back in time to fill in what happened at movie night, so it would be set right after previous part three.

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October 15 - The AU (CW RPS 10/?) )
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I am lame, so today we just have a short little AU snippet.

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( October 14 - The AU (CW RPS 9/?) ) )
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I was somehow tricked into actually going out and doing something social tonight, so I have to both TAPE Supernatural and post here early now before I go. :)

This bit skips around chronologically again, but I think it stands alone pretty well, now that you all know who the guys are. :D

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October 12 - The AU (CW RPS 8/?) NC-17 )
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Well, I've been doing good so far on my goal of posting something every day this month, and it's fun to post the stuff I've written without worrying about, you know, editing and finishing things. Only 20 days to go!

Today we have more high school AU porn. Yay! I would maybe post more warnings, but I can't imagine why anyone easily scared off would be reading my journal. :)

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October 11 - The AU (CW RPS 7/?) NC-17 )
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Believe it or not, when I started writing snippets of this AU, I wrote out the porny parts and left the plotty in between connecty parts for later. So we're skipping ahead a bit again, to check in on Chris and Julian playing a prank on the girls' school down the road.

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October 10 - The AU (CW RPS 6/?) )
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Well, it's back to my giant AU today, but skipping around a little bit. I'll come back to the fun hijinx of movie night when I finish writing that part, for today I have some Jared angst and voyeurism. :)

Earlier parts: One, Two, Three, Four

October 9 - The AU (CW RPS 5/?) )
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So originally, the focus of this idea was that TWO JENSENS IS TWICE AS HOT AS ONE JENSEN, DUH, ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE KISSING. So we better slap an underage and an incest warning on this right away.

I think this part of it is slightly awkward because of the way it's written and the fact that Jared keeps referring to the twins as the Jensens, but that was part of the idea at the beginning, and I love all the hijinks that come from Jared not being able to tell the Jensens apart. Also, I am too lazy to rewrite, that is why this is exorcism month and not like, editing month or anything. :D

October 5 - The AU (CW RPS 2/?) NC-17 )
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So a few months ago [ profile] wrenlet and I were talking and suddenly this happened:

Josselin: ok, um, so i was just thinking this.
but um.
i want it so bad.
or twin jensens! that'd be better
Wrenlet: This fandom needs funn.... guh... guh... hell, yes.

That conversation was the beginning of weeks and weeks of chat and outlining and drabbling, all of which culminated in over 200 pages of planning for this totally self-indulgent, completely AU, porntastic epic. I'm sure if I ever wrote it out it would be a thousand pages long, but I'm also pretty sure that I'll never write out all of it. Parts, yes. But some parts are so painfully self-indulgent and constructed purely to satisfy my own kinks that they might have to remain only in my head.

But I want to post some of it, because that's my goal of exorcism this month. Also, I already have close to 30 pages of it written, and Wrenlet has actually written snippets in the universe as well.

Here's the beginning:

Oct. 4 - The AU (CW RPS) )
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