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So the past few days I've been drinking too much coffee and reading too much SPN fic, and it all combines to me having *ideas.*

Wincest Plot Bunny )
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The following idea will not leave my head, but it won't write itself, either. I sent it in an email to [ profile] wrenlet saying, "So I'm probably on crack, but..."

Probably a lot of things I do could be prefaced that way.

October 17 - A Supernatural/Angel Futurefic Idea 1/1 )

Incidentally, has anyone tried posting fanfic using the "publish" feature of Writely/Google Documents? I'm tempted to do it to put up some of my old fic since the old site is down, but I'm scared that Google will blacklist me for trying to propagate porn or something, and I really like my gmail so I don't want that to happen.
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So [ profile] wrenlet dragged me kicking and screaming into Supernatural fandom (seriously, I was all, I hate horror! and she was all, "I'll make a log of what times the bad parts are in so you can skip those as you watch!" and I was like, "Ok, fine, I'll just watch it") and I was flailing around reading all the new fic and noticed that [ profile] myrna1_2_3, who I knew from QaF fandom, was subscribed to an SPN mailing list. I emailed her up to say hello and command her to write some brain-damaged Sam fic right away please only to find that she had already written a fic giving Sam pneumonia. ahahahaha. Some people will never change and Myrna is clearly one of them.

Anyway, Myrna and I were exchanging fic ideas, and she was writing nice things where Sam was bleeding a lot: one, two. I mention this now because I'm pretty sure she was the biggest fan ever of this upcoming idea I had, set in the hiatus after the first season. It's not really written, it's just a description of what I would write were I ever to be less lazy than I really am.

October 13 - Blind Sam (Supernatural 1/1) )
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Okay, today is my second day of random snippets and fics that were never good enough to post back when I wrote them.

Three Deans! (1/1, Supernatural)

So, for a while, [ profile] wrenlet and I were totally obsessed with the idea of multiple Deans. The fic always felt stilted--mostly because of the challenge of naming the three Deans--and I never got around to revising it so I never posted. (The last line is so lame that it makes me cringe rereading.)

Oct. 2 - Three Deans! (Supernatural) )
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So my goal for October is to post something every day, to exorcise myself of all the snippets I have and maybe strike up some motivation to actually finish something. [ profile] wrenlet is going to help keep me on track and yell at me if I skip a day or start slacking.

I'm pretty sure that I have enough half-finished fics, snippets, and story outlines to fill 31 days, so here goes day one:

Eye of the Storm (1/?, Supernatural)

This was one of my ideas from when I first started watching Supernatural and it made me want to write humor and angst at the same time. But mostly angst. And make Dean into a pretty, pretty girl.

Oct. 1 - Eye of the Storm (Supernatural) )
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